The Mercy Seat Ministries.
Our Church

Pastor Bob Emorut Okitoi, Senior Pastor.


Pastor Bob Emorut Okitoi is passionate about giving people the      opportunity to hear about and respond to Jesus. He hails from Kumi in Eastern Uganda. 


A scholar and minister of the word, He is married to his wonderful wife Pastor Pamela Byoruganda and is a father to three beautiful children and innumerable numbers of spiritual children under His leadership.


The church Ministers are responsible for the general oversight of the church which includes organising, planning, hospitality and coordination of services. 

They delight and prioritize creating a conducive environment for you to be able to pray, praise and worship God so that every other service day leaves a mark by the word of God in your life.

Mrs. Namugga Hajjara


Mrs Namugga Hajjara loves God and serves God’s people in every way possible being led by the Holy Spirit.


Commonly known for the “Beera Musanyuffu” slogan which means be Happy always; She has been fundamental in coordinating, planning and executing church events ensuring that services run smoothly to the glory of God and in turn bless God’s People. She is married and a very accessible minister if you need guidance on how to get around church.

Miss Namikisa Josephine

Worship Pastor

Miss Namikose Josephine is a song writer and artist who couples as the trainer and assistant worship leader of the worship director for The Mercy Seat Ministries choir. 


She has a heart to see excellence in regards to offering worship to God through music,dance and drama. Her experience in practical music skills has greatly transformed lives through her mentorship.

Mrs. Ritah Kenyangi

Worship Director

Mrs Ritah Kenyangi is the worship director at the mercy seat ministries and leads a versatile team of both instrumentalists and vocalists. She is married with a beautiful daughter and a loving husband and loves serving God with her skills  

She hails from western Uganda and is very welcoming to any and everyone that would love to serve through music on either instruments or by singing to join this great mandate of offering worship to God.

To reconcile souls of men to God by teaching the word of truth  in all forms while manifesting the works of JESUS thereby liberating souls from false burdens and empowering them to carryout Christ’s works.

To glorify God by conducting religious services through reconciling souls of men to God by teaching the word of God in it’s truth and chastise believers to walk pure, in an acceptable and approved manner before God. 


The Word

We believe in helping people discover a new life through following God’s word which points to the fullness of God being the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


We focus on helping brethren with the support, guidance, and inspiration they need to work hard, perform God's word and be able to become who God called them to be by inspiring growth through a mindset change by the word  


We include the brethren in decision making through leadership opportunities to give them a participatory role which capitalizes on their own expertise and judgment, and that increases their sense of both individual worth and commitment to the ministry and service of God's kingdom by God's pattern revealed by His word.